I always seem to find my self in a fork in the road. Torn between to sides or two parts, and if only I could choose one, I choose the path that is not a path itself. Sometimes, what people make out to seem cruel and evil is not cruel nor evil at all. What biased views us humans attempt to deceive on others to revenge or unite our satisfaction is sick, but as long as I know the truth deciphering both tales of each path, I will never side with those who will listen to nothing but their own opinion.

Ginuwine - The Ultimate 90's: 1997

I’m a bit of a hypocrite. Is it the fact that I value what other say and then don’t value it? is it because I don’t want to miss out on different aspects? it’s really hard to understand myself. There is a constant debate in my head, i can never stay at one side of something. I’m always looking for different ways to view something so I can fully understand something. damn, i think too much.

I’ve noticed this.

I always give someone the benefit of the doubt. I wait and hear all points of the story before making my final say in the matter. My strongest belief is that there is always different perspectives to a situation, no person is absolutely right or wrong, it’s more like they’re both; no answer is ever distinctly clear. It all ties in perspectives and taking time to understand the different perspectives.

yg’s new guy group.

See, I’m not really interested in any of the new group, since it’s so hard to keep up. The most “recent” rookie group I’m interested in is probably BAP, and well, they’re not all that new. I don’t know if it’s the YG bias in me showing but I’m really looking forward to YG’s new group. ^^

my thoughts on GD’s recent “controversy”.

well, I was going to stay silent about this, but people are seriously doing the most. I can’t even begin, seriously, why are people so quick to jump to assumptions, most especially the worst of people? Does no one give genuine benefits of the doubt anymore? Does no one try to understand? why are people so quick to chastise someone for a misunderstanding that’s from their own perspective? You don’t know what his perspective was, you don’t know what he’s trying to imply. You only have your own perspective and you imply what you understand and know. give him the chance to explain.

I pity that man, every move he makes he get so much shit for it. I worry for his well-being and sanity. A human can only take so much.

Why am I suffering like this? There isn’t a clear answer. What you have to ask about suffering are these. For what should I endure this? How can I overcome these sufferings?
— GD retweeted this from @ChungMinCho earlier. (Translated by: @BIGBANGGisvip)

I see paris, I see france, I see BABYz goin` cray on my dash.
[BAP must be having another comeback. lol]


I see your point and I think part of that is because idol life is so short lived and after being a performer and living your life under the lights, it’s hard to now have to start a new life and do what exactly? Go work in an office? Go sell cars? Most idols don’t get a real high school education, much less a college one and while you can still get by on that in many countries, Korea is so highly competitive!

These are people that gave up much of their adolescence to train to be an idol, after that career has run it’s course, it’s very hard to adapt to the normal world and normal paychecks. Can you imagine having to work in an office and every time someone walks in they’re like “Yo! Aren’t you X from X group?”

This is why they try to be good at variety, dancing, mcing, acting, modeling, etc. Because when idol life is over, they still have a career that’s highly profitable and creative. Which is why I think this emphasis on dancing is not worth it unless they’re going to be like other groups and rely heavily on it. Otherwise they just need to do good enough to keep up. Once they’re done being idols, they’re not going to live as back-up dancers and Seungri once said that at YG, they give you the tools to fend for yourself, so shouldn’t they spend more time teaching them the works of acting, modeling, mcing, writing, producing, directing… and above all else singing? Because I can’t see the visual of the group on my headphones.

you’re right & what you said is very very true! but seeing as this is a brand new group, visual is everything. And I’ve noticed that most groups now a days heavily rely on visuals, its the fastest way to leave a lasting impression, and dancing usually is the best to do it.

I also believe that dancing forms a sense of unity and discipline within the group. Unity, in the sense that if one member dances a bit better than the rest, he has the responsibility to help the other members to well; so that they’re on the same level. Discipline also applies heavily because when dancing in a group, you always need to watch your place, one mistake can throw the group off. I guess that’s why new groups are constantly trained to dance because it serves a purpose of having a “all for one, one for all” mentality. And then as they grow bigger in entertainment, they’re so intune with each other that they don’t even need to dance that much; example bigbang. In the beginning they were all about dancing but as they grew bigger in the entertainment, their performance and personality take the place of their dancing, granted they still do a bit of chooming here and there.

ah sorry, lol idk if this made an sense, I feel like I’m writing a babbling essay. ^^;; AAANNNYWAYS my mainpoint is that rookies do need that training on dancing because as they learn to become more of a team. Dancing isn’t just for teh show, granted it makes a nice visual, its for leaving an impression, showing a sense of teamwork and discipline. 

But you’re awfully thoughtful—always going out of your way to make people happy; trying to satisfy two different personalities at the same time while paying no mind to your own. What about your heart? What about how you feel and how you find happiness? You’ve mastered loving both the Creator and the Destroyer; becoming both the giving-to and the taken-from. You can be these things for others but you can’t remember your own name unless someone calls it out for help … still alive only because you’re too afraid to stop breathing your life into others’. Is the fear of disappointment that potent in your bones? Yeah, you remember people and you love them and never forget to exude selflessness in the way that only you and nature could comprehend. But what about yourself? Do you remember yourself and are you all right forgetting others and letting go of people who have already let go of you? How have you lived in such a way—not realizing your influence and necessity to yourself? You’re too busy living for others—waiting for their happiness to come, occupied with their time that you forget to remember that your life is yours. And that you exist.


*sigh* I really wish people on twitter and allkpop would stop blaming Seungri for coming back a day after GD and before YB. He’s worked just as hard as they have to get this out and deserves whatever promotions he can get as a solo artist. 

AGREED. I don’t understand why people are even making this a problem in the first place. Shouldn’t we be happy that they’re being active? I don’t get people, are they belittling the work that he’s doing? Is his work considered less valuable than YB or GD? Cuz if people think that’s the case, if it’s based on popularity and not about the art/music they produce, ya’ll need to GTFO. people be doing the most, I swear. urgh.